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Lana Temme, RDN, studied at UC Berkeley and later at CSLA, from where she graduated with Honors in Bachelors of Science in Nutrition, completed Coordinated Dietetic Internship, and her Registration Exam as a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist in 2001. She has extensive 22+ years of experience in Medical Nutrition Therapy, and in disease prevention and wellness. Through nutritional approach, she tailors individual advice to each client based on their goals, conditions, and their blood test results. Lana has not only extensive experience working as a Lead Dietitian for a well known Endocrinologist, but also extensive experience working as a Renal Dietitian for Davita Dialysis clinics along side of fifteen Nephrologists, and also working in her own Practice named Your Dietitian. She has had amazing success in improving patients and clients health outcomes. She is a recipient of 2 Shining Star awards and an Accountability Award. She is skilled in counseling techniques, and will inspire and guide you to improve your health and achieve your goals.




"Lana Temme, RD, is a highly skilled, caring, and meticulous Registered Dietitian whose expertise has helped the program accomplish excellent blood sugar control in our diabetic patients, as well as remarkable weight loss results in our overweight patients. She has been with us for five years and has seen and helped more than 3,000 individuals. She is also a private consultant in her own practice called Your Dietitian.

Calvin Ezrin, M.D.



- Individualized weight Loss Program
- Diabetes Nutrition Therapy

- Pre-diabetes

- Fatty Liver, Inflamed Liver
- Cardiovascular Nutrition Therapy
- Diagnosed Digestive diseases
- Chronic Kidney Disease, Nutrition Therapy
- Obesity in Children 12+ yo and Teens
- Gluten Sensitivity and food allergies
- Insulin resistance

- Metabolic Syndrome

Telehealth (HIPAA secure video calls available)

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Recommendation from DaVita Dialysis Facility:  


Lana has an exceptional level of professional and technical skills and knowledge in job-related areas and keeps up-to-date with current developments and trends in nutrition..

Lana consistently achieves well beyond what is expected and always delivers high level standards of care to our patients. Patients, family members, care-givers, teammates, and physicians rely heavily on her vast clinical knowledge and expertise.

Joy Yegoyan, Facility Administrator

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit"


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